Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Happenings

This weekend was filled with lots of fun!!  We barely had time to sit down!!  Saturday morning Halle, Noah, and I left to Okmulgee to see my parents for a short visit!  Halle has been asking all week if her Nana could watch her one day while I worked, and I think she finally realized how far away Nana lives.  The night before Noah actually slept through the entire night, which is the first time in a very very long time that this has happened!  I thought he would be a great traveler, but he didn't want to take his morning nap at all.  He was still in a great mood all afternoon and enjoyed time with his Nana and Grandpa.

As soon as we arrived my dad took me to show me the "toys" he bought for Noah!  My dad loves guns and I think little Noah might just be his hunting buddy!

Something about this picture reminds me of my mother.  hmmmmmm what could it be?!  I think Halle is going to take after Nana and be very interested in reading!  Here, she is reading to her baby doll.

Daddy would be so proud!

I love this picture of my dad and Noah.  Dad loves his little grandson so much!  This picture says it all!

Noah getting ready to go to his buddy Brady's 1st birthday party!

Noah getting cuddles in with Nana before we had to leave.  Halle doesn't get to see Nana very often so she decided to stay with Nana during the party.

Brady, Braxton, and Noah

Noah and Brady!  Brady's momma, Jessica, was actually due February 28th, but Brady had other plans and decided to come exactly one week before Noah.  They will have such a special friendship and I am looking forward to many play dates with them!

Noah, looking over Brady's new presents, with Makenzie and Carly.

My long time friend Jessica and Noah

Noah wanted to join in for some bath time fun!  Just wait until the summer boys....I see pool parties in our future!!

We have been friends for years now and I always look forward to seeing these girls!
(top row) April and Logan, Leah, Jenn and Avery, Jessica, me and Noah (bottom) Amanda and Carly, Michelle and Makenzie, Jess and Brady.

After having a blast at the birthday party we headed back to celebrate cousin Ramsey's 11th birthday!!

Skyler, Noah, and Ramsey

Halle loves her cousin Emmerie!

Noah and Halle looking at "Vada" with uncle Dave.

Cousin Isaac and Halle

Isaac, Noah, Ramsey, Gracie, Halle, Emmerie, Skyler, and Zamian

We had a wonderful time with friends and family on Saturday!

Sunday, after church, we enjoyed bowling at Tinker AFB for Derek's 25th birthday!!  Thanks to Isaac for taking us there!

The birthday boy!! (always flexing!) =)

Quinton and Gracie

Ramsey, Halle, and Emmerie

Lauren and serious =)

Halle and her cousin Conner!

Ashley! (I think I see a smile!!)

Daddy and Halle, watching her ball....STRIKE!

Daddy showing Halle how it's done!

Andrea and Noah

Isaac and Noah

My goofy, sweet, beautiful baby girl!!


Superstar Lauren

The Happy Dance!!!

We had a great fun filled weekend and are blessed to have such great friends and family!!  Maybe we can rest a little this week!!


  1. WOW, that weekend has me worn out just from reading it!

  2. It's so nice to get on here and see all your header pictures...really makes my day! :)

  3. Aww thanks becky!! Wait until you see the 20x30 we are putting above the fireplace!! ;)