Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Celebrations

Halle and Noah woke up to find Santa Clause had made his visit!

Halle had received her baby center that she had asked santa for!

Santa even left Halle and Noah a letter!  She was very excited about that!

Halle loves princess socks (these, and the ones with actual disney princesses on them!)  In fact, before this, she wore the same three pair back to back to back!  Not because she was limited on socks, but because she loves them!  She's been known to put her princess socks on top of the socks we pick out!  Thankfully, she received several pair of princess socks!!  (available at payless...for any mothers out there that may come across this situation!)

Noah was so happy with his first present that he really wasn't interested in opening anymore!  Halle was very helpful in helping him with his presents!

He had a wonderful time Christmas morning, but became tired pretty quickly!

There was no slowing Halle down!  She was really enjoying everything!  She kept saying thank you so much for all of my toys, I love them!"  She is a very grateful child!!

Halle and Noah in their pj's they opened the night before!  Noah didn't get to wear them the night before because I completely forgot he can't wear footed sleepers with his apnea monitor.  I made sure that he got plenty of wear out of them on Christmas day (as you will see in future pictures!)

We had a wonderful morning and let the kids play for a little while...waiting for the ice to melt a little before our trip to gramma and papa's house!

After a 45 minute drive (for what usually is a 15 minute drive), we arrived at papa and gramma's house!  Conner greeted Noah with hugs!!  He loves his "baby Noah."

We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of cinnamon rolls and biscuits and sausage gravy, watched the kids play, opened presents and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas dinner!  We also sang happy birthday to Jesus and enjoyed the cupcakes and cake that Halle baked!

My niece Skyler, 12

Conner, 5 and Adam

Little miss emmerie, 4

Zamian Joel, 8

Gracie, 6

Adam and Lauren

Aunt Gigi and Noah

Gramma found a CPK named Halle ("HALLIE") (yes, she is wearing her cousin's new helmet!)

and a boy with the middle name Ryan like Noah, along with blonde hair and two bottom teeth!!

Jenni and I modeling our new rain boots!  I know I'm super cool with my wind pants tucked in!!
Don't hate! =)

and Miss Ashley!  This was a very special moment, to see ashley taking the initiative to open her own presents!  Ashley was put in the hospital December 26th of last year...placed on a ventilator, had a ng tube, catheter, and everything else you could imagine.  She was in ICU for weeks and weeks!  She has overcome so much and this past year we have been praying for progress and continued improvement with her communication, physical abilities (dressing, feeding, bathing), and socialization (hoping to see her smile again, interact with her siblings, nieces and nephews).  This was a huge moment!

Derek trying on his dallas cowboy beanie.  Derek is by far the biggest Dallas Cowboy fan that I have ever known!  I think he is also trying to flex his muscles in this picture!  He wanted some weights so he can beat seth in arm wrestling!  Derek is a great brother-in-law and uncle and such a joy to be around!

Debbie opening another picture...she was so happy with all of the pictures!  I can't wait to see them hung on her freshly painted walls!  We had such a wonderful Christmas and are so blessed to have such a close family!

Since our trip to Great Grandma Ward's got cancelled on Christmas Eve, we made it over there on Saturday afternoon.  We enjoyed spending time with Seth's Dad's side of the family!  We ate brisket and ribs, opened presents, and visited for several hours!

Cousin Matt playing with Everett and Noah.

Cousin Shelly with Halle and Noah.  (oh, and Sam, the dog!)  Shelly was in great spirits for being stuck in her car for over 10 hours the night before on I-35...not to mention she is approx 20 weeks pregnant!!

Halle showing off her ballet moves to cousin Eric.

Matt with his son Everett.

Uncle Luchen playing ball with Noah.

Justin and Kim

Aunt Joni and Aunt Sally dancing with Ev

Skyler, Lauren, Larry, and Ashley

Debbie, Grandma Ward, Seth, and Matt

Matt, Derek, Seth, Eric, and Justin

Ashley, me, Shelly, Kim, Lauren, and Peggy

My sweet baby boy had a wonderful first Christmas!!

Thank you great grandma Ward for the radio flyer shuttle...I love it!! -Noah

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