Friday, January 29, 2010

Just a few funnies

Just a few funnies:

Yesterday I was feeding Noah in his high chair (well actually giving little bites of noodles at a time b/c if I put too many on his plate he chunks them at the dogs...not that they mind or anything).  Halle was sitting at the bar and eating lunch and really wanted me to sit by her.  (sweet, I know!)  I kept saying, Halle I can't right now, b/c I need to feed Noah.  I desperately want a table that is lower to the ground b/c it is very difficult to feed him since his high chair is lower.  So I continue to stand in the kitchen and feed him.  (You might be thinking get a booster seat for Noah and that is a lot cheaper!)  I JUST thought of that the other day but I am not sure if he's old enough for it, etc.  So back to my story....Halle said (in her very parental voice) "MOM, I have told you a HUNDRED times and I am NOT going to tell you AGAIN!  SIT DOWN!!"

Today, Halle was playing with her kitchen stuff.  She put on her apron, oven mitts, and chef's hat and started singing, "I'm a girl muffin man, a muffin man, a muffin man, I'm a girl muffin man, not a boy muffin man, no I'm a girl muffin man but Noah is a boy muffin man."  Always a laugh when Halle is around!

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