Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Daddy Daughter Dance

Seth took Halle to the Daddy Daughter Dance at Piedmont High School this past Friday!  She was so excited to go to her very first dance!

Halle was confused about what daddy was bringing to her...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick or Treat (a little late)


Halle, the monarch butterfly
and Noah, the cowboy!

 Halle and baby chase
Halle and Nathan

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

the fever continued!!

So we haven't heard much about the "fever" around out house!  Saturday Halle decided she wanted to stay with her grandma instead of going to the football game.  So I told Halle, I don't want you to talk about Justin Fever or any other boys with your older cousins.  You are there to play with barbies, play puzzles, read books, etc.  She asked, "How will you know if I talk about boys?"  I said, "because I'm your mom and I know everything."  I also told her not to eat any candy, or to have any more chocolate milk.  We were on the road for about ten minutes and I get a text from  grandma..."Halle and Noah were eating cheetos and Halle asked if cheetos have sugar because she said she's not supposed to have sugar or talk about boys!"   Thats my girl!!

On another note, she brought me a piece of paper this morning and wanted to know how to write his name.  Then wanted to know how to write "I love Justin Fever."  I said no, you don't love him, you love your mom, your dad, brother, and family...and friends.  You don't love him.  She said, "how do I write I like Justin Fever."  So after a while, I said take your colors, paper, etc and go put them in your room...and she said, "but I need an envelope."  Me: "For what?"  Halle:  "to put in an envelope and send it to him."

deep breath.....count to 10!   I think if i hear Justin Bieber's name one more time....i'm gonna go nuts!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I think I'm going to have my hands full!!!!

So...this is the problem...this Justin Bieber kid!!  Today I get a people magazine in the mail and what do you know....Justin Bieber is in the magazine, with CHER!  They are standing next to each other....hmmmmmm.   SO I tell Halle to come look...she smiles and starts giggling, like a girl with a real little crush!  She said, "that's Justin Fever.....but wait, who is that next to him?"  Let me preface this by showing you a picture of what Cher was wearing in the picture and by adding that Halle says she loves Justin Fever, she doesn't know him, but loves him because her cousin Gracie loves him!
So this, friends, is what Cher was wearing in the picture with Justin "Fever."  SO back to Halle's question "who is that next to him?"  Me:  (very casually)  "That's his girlfriend."  Halle:  "eew I don't like her, her face is not even pretty...she is not even cool at all!"  She wanted me to tear out the page of fever so she can have her own little poster of him...but of course she didn't want Cher in the picture!  That girl makes me laugh!!  But that's not the end....About 10 minutes later she comes up to me and says come here (waving at me to lean down so she can tell me a secret).  I said, "Halle, no one is hear, you don't have to whisper."  She tried to whisper something three times before I said, "just tell me, I can't hear you."  Halle:  "Do you know Justin Fever's number?"  WHAT????????  uh huh no way no how, I know you just didn't ask for his phone number!!!  She continues in a very serious tone...."please mommy, I want to call him."  Okay, it was cute when we pretended to call Santa THIS LAST CHRISTMAS and my dad was on the other end of the phone.....but wanting to call Justin Fever??....NOT CUTE!  She kept coming up to me saying "7899"  "02889" mom, his number is "0899"    Too bad my phone battery is dead!! 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day Zoo Trip

We went to the OKC zoo for Labor Day with our best friends, the Crooks.  Nathan is 10 months older than Noah, but their age gap is starting to close and they are enjoying each others company!  We brought the double stroller but Noah wanted to ride in the wagon, of course!

Nathan didn't leave Halle out, he "chilled" with her for a little bit too!

Noah thought he was so cool riding in the wagon!

Love this picture!  Noah loves his buddy!

The children's zoo.  I didn't get very many pictures here, but OKC opened a new children's zoo the beginning of this year.  I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it.  You can buy nectar and feed the birds, pet several different animals, play in the water, etc.  It's a great new addition to the OKC zoo...as well as Oklahoma Trails.

Halle and Noah loved the giraffe.  

We started out taking the shirt off....
then we lost the shorts!  Noah loves the water!!

Look at the water!

Seth and Tony playing with Nathan and Halle
Melissa and I before enjoying a relaxing day!

My first 5k this year!

My friend Ladonna has been training for a 1/2 marathon and has kind of motivated me to start running more.  Before I got pregnant with Noah I was running 3 miles about 3-4 times a week with my friend Bri.  I kept gaining weight, got discouraged, and then found out I had PCOS....which makes it more difficult to lose weight.  It's been a battle ever since.  I am determined that I need to get in shape, and do something that will help relieve stress!  So I have decided that I am going to start doing 5k runs.  I am not competitive and don't care what place I finish, just as long as I finish.  This morning, Ladonna, Melissa, and myself ran in a 5k celebrating "Making the move with Martha."  She is moving to the Hallmark channel.  We didn't have to pay for the registration (because I wouldn't pay to support Martha Stewart)...however, we did get free stuff, like the shirts we were wearing, a wooden spoon, kitchen towel, and an apron.  It was a nice morning to run and I was glad I made it without stopping.  I have a few more 5k's that I plan on doing in the future....such as Remember the ten, Run for Courage (Jim Thorpe's run...where seth had his rehab after his wreck), and the OKC memorial marathon.  I think this is going to be a fun hobby and allows me to support different charities.  I hope that a lot of my friends will join me.  I think it would be great to meet once a month to run together!