Sunday, September 19, 2010

the fever continued!!

So we haven't heard much about the "fever" around out house!  Saturday Halle decided she wanted to stay with her grandma instead of going to the football game.  So I told Halle, I don't want you to talk about Justin Fever or any other boys with your older cousins.  You are there to play with barbies, play puzzles, read books, etc.  She asked, "How will you know if I talk about boys?"  I said, "because I'm your mom and I know everything."  I also told her not to eat any candy, or to have any more chocolate milk.  We were on the road for about ten minutes and I get a text from  grandma..."Halle and Noah were eating cheetos and Halle asked if cheetos have sugar because she said she's not supposed to have sugar or talk about boys!"   Thats my girl!!

On another note, she brought me a piece of paper this morning and wanted to know how to write his name.  Then wanted to know how to write "I love Justin Fever."  I said no, you don't love him, you love your mom, your dad, brother, and family...and friends.  You don't love him.  She said, "how do I write I like Justin Fever."  So after a while, I said take your colors, paper, etc and go put them in your room...and she said, "but I need an envelope."  Me: "For what?"  Halle:  "to put in an envelope and send it to him."

deep breath.....count to 10!   I think if i hear Justin Bieber's name one more time....i'm gonna go nuts!

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