Sunday, September 12, 2010

grandparents are the best...

The kids and I went to Okmulgee the last weekend in August to visit my parents.   Papa finally got to play with the "play guns" with Noah....which he bought before Noah could even walk!  We had a great time at the Tulsa zoo and ate at Red Robin, followed by a little shopping.  We had a great weekend.
I couldn't help but post this picture....Noah was so upset about mommy and Halle being on the four-wheeler.  I tried to get him to ride, but he was terrified!  I grew up riding and thought the kids would like it!  I may have to expose him a little more so he is not scared!  Poor Noah!

Much better here!  Going for a walk with Nana!

Halle and her Grandpa

Grandpa was always a big hunter and fisher so he is so glad to have a grandson to share those interest with!

Such a beautiful day to go to the zoo!

Halle and her cousin Madi watching the elephant show

We haven't seen the elephants in the OKC zoo for a while, so Halle was excited to see them.  Tulsa has had them since 2008 I believe!  This was a very good show!

Sweet cousins!

Halle loved the petting zoo!

Halle and Noah's cousin Bri.  She is just eight weeks younger than Noah.  They haven't seen her for a while so they were very excited!

I think the excitement wore off when Noah had to share the stroller.  Here he is fussing about her touching him.  She is so sweet!  Look at those big eyes!!

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