Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day Zoo Trip

We went to the OKC zoo for Labor Day with our best friends, the Crooks.  Nathan is 10 months older than Noah, but their age gap is starting to close and they are enjoying each others company!  We brought the double stroller but Noah wanted to ride in the wagon, of course!

Nathan didn't leave Halle out, he "chilled" with her for a little bit too!

Noah thought he was so cool riding in the wagon!

Love this picture!  Noah loves his buddy!

The children's zoo.  I didn't get very many pictures here, but OKC opened a new children's zoo the beginning of this year.  I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it.  You can buy nectar and feed the birds, pet several different animals, play in the water, etc.  It's a great new addition to the OKC well as Oklahoma Trails.

Halle and Noah loved the giraffe.  

We started out taking the shirt off....
then we lost the shorts!  Noah loves the water!!

Look at the water!

Seth and Tony playing with Nathan and Halle
Melissa and I before enjoying a relaxing day!

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