Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Justin Fever is hot"

So it all started a few weeks back.....
with Halle telling me randomly that "Justin Fever is hot mom!"
Me:  "You don't even know who Justin Bieber is."
Halle:  "so, Gracie (her cousin) told me he is and did you know that he even wears eyeliner and mascara" (won't mention what daddy told her about boys that wear eyeliner and mascara....and I'm don't even think Justin Bieber does.   Am I even spelling Bieber right?? Oh well)

fast forward to the second or third day of pre-k...
Halle: "mom, I have two jackson's in my class!"  "I like the jackson with white hair mom."
hmmmmm okay Halle! (this is a random note...but just to show that my child is already boy crazy??? what???)

fast forward to tonight at Target....we were checking out and the guy helping us was a Justin Bieber look-a-like in his own special way.  As soon as we get to the car,....
Halle:  "I really like that boy that paid for our stuff mom."
Me:  "Nobody paid for our stuff Halle, do you mean that boy that checked us out?"
Halle:  "yes, I really like him."
Me:  "No, you don't, you don't like boys yet."
Halle:  "yes I do"  (all giddy, laughing...probably only because of my reaction)
Me:  "Your not old enough to like boys Halle"  (Seth and I have already informed her that she's not getting married until she is thirty).

I put her in her carseat after we load up the groceries and before I can shut her door she is yelling out the door..."mom I really like him."

So I get on the phone with my mother and tell her the amusing story and how a few weeks back she was on this Justin Bieber kick.  When I get off the phone, Halle had me rolling with her next conversation...

Halle:  "mom, I don't even know who Justin Fever is...I just talk about him but I really like that boy mom.  Mom, it's just hard being a kid."

That is my Halle....not so sure I like that boy talk, but I love her funny Halle moments!!

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  1. Oh Halle!! That is adorable and something you for sure need to remind her of when she finally is old enough to "like boys."