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Noah's 1st birthday party!

Leap on over for some birthday fun
Noah Ryan is turning ONE!!
January 30th, 2010

We celebrated Noah's 1st birthday at our home with friends and family.  Unfortunately the weather kept many friends and family away, but we still had such a wonderful day!  Nana and Grandpa, Noah can't wait to celebrate with you soon!!  Here are some pictures from the day! Warning...this post is very long, and full of pictures for Noah to look back at!
My sweet birthday boy!!
brother and sister
My babies!!

Noah's uncle Derek!  Derek is such a wonderful uncle!  He loves to play with Noah, hold him, put together his toys, and keep him out of trouble!  Noah loves to take off places where he shouldn't be and Derek always keeps a watchful eye on Noah.  
Noah's papa.  Noah's papa is an amazing person!  He has so much love for Noah and would do anything for him!  You will find him wrestling on the floor with Noah and Halle, feeding Noah ice cream or ice chips, watching OSU football/basketball (okay well any sports) with Noah.  He lights up when Noah comes for a visit and always tries to beat Gramma to the door so he can be the first to hold him!  Thank you Larry for being such a wonderful "papa"!
Noah's Gramma.  She loves her grandbabies and loves more than anything to spend time with family!  I learn from Debbie everyday!  She knows what's important in life and doesn't take time with family for granted.  When Noah and Halle come over, you will find her on the floor playing puzzles, rolling the balls, playing with trucks, or the golf clubs.  Noah is obsessed with the plastic golf clubs!!  

Noah's aunt Lala came to spend the day with us!  Noah loves his aunt Lala very much!!  He lights up when he sees her!  Lauren keeps Halle and Noah everyday while I work and she is such a wonderful person, friend, and sister!  She teaches, nurtures, and is a role model for them daily!  We love you aunt Lala!!  

If you've seen any of my pictures, then you've seen this sweet boy in many!!  Cousin conner spends every single day with Halle and Noah.  He loves his "baby Noah" and "baby Halle" (which he called her until she was about 3). 
Cousin Skyler is sweet, very social, and such a good big cousin!  Noah and Halle love their "kyky!"
Cousin Zamian: sweet, very caring, and energetic!!
Cousins Zamian, Quinton, and Ramsey!  Thank you for Sharing the day with us!
Ramsey, Halle, Emmerie, and Gracie!  Halle loves her cousins!  What is a party without a bride and a princess?!
Cousin Isaac and Andrea!  We love you guys and are so thankful you braved the roads and made the trip!  We had such a wonderful day and always look forward to seeing you!!! Halle and Noah love you and your children!!
Thank you for being so sweet with our children!!  They will forever know your love for them!!
"uncle Tony and Aunt Yissas"  Our very close friends that would do anything in the world to help us and visa versa.
Our boys are 10 months apart and are going to be such great friends!!  I look forward to watching these two boys grow up together!!  Nathan will be a big brother in June!!  So many of our friends are pregnant  and we can't wait for the play dates to begin!!  Bring on the babies!!
Nathan, Angela, and Addi!  We are so blessed to have these great friends!!  They are always there to help, celebrate, or just have a good time!  It's not a party until they arrive!!
Halle loves her Remi!  They get to spend every Tuesday together in gymnastics while Noah and Gallagher play in the ball pit and go down the slides!!  Before you know it, sweet Addi will be joining them!!
I told you that most of our friends are pregnant!!!!
They have a blast together!!
Nathan tickling Halle (and her baby).  This was the cutest thing ever!! Nathan wouldn't touch her but was cracking up thinking he was getting Halle!!
Gallagher loved the ball pit!!  Come over anytime G-man!!
"uncle Scott"-Halle has adopted that from the term from the Montgomery kids!!
Scott and Linda are some of the sweetest most giving people we have ever met!  We appreciate their friendship very much and look forward to many more memories with them!!  Thank you both for sharing in Noah's special day!!
Rona and Jared, Thank you for coming!!  We are so looking forward to Lynnlee Paige!!  She is going to be one blessed little girl!!  Jared has been a friend to Seth since childhood!  We consider them not only friends, but more than that, Family!!
Present time!!   Noah received a lot of donations for Haiti as well as a few presents for himself!  He is one special boy and I hope he will grow up to know the importance of giving and helping others!
His buddy Nate helping him open the presents!  Noah is still more interested in the bows, rather than what is under all of the paper!

Cake time!!  (and yes, this is probably the ugliest baby cake ever...I made it with left over cake from his frog cake...but I'm pretty sure he didn't mind!)

Noah kept his head turned during the entire time we sang "Happy Birthday."  I think he was a little shy with everyone singing to him!

The kids enjoyed chocolate frogs, cake, and dirt cake!  Can you see the teacher side of Melissa?  I like to think that is a halo above her head, lol.  Thank you for entertaining the children!!
After eating, everyone watched the slideshow of Noah's first year of life played with "This kind of Love" by Sister Hazel!  Everyone filled out a note to put in Noah's time capsule!  Everyone predicted what he would want to be when he got older, where he'd go to school, and just wrote a sweet message for him!  We collected several things from his first year of life, as well as magazines, newspapers, cd's, and movies that came out this year!  We will let him open it when he graduates high school!  We did this for Halle too and I really think they will enjoy it!  
Conner, Noah, and all of the donations gathered for Haiti!  (yes I think conner is crossing his eyes in this pic...he's a funny kid, gotta love him!!!)  Thank you to everyone for giving for such a great cause!

After a long afternoon of playing most of our guest went home.  Halle and Noah's cousins stayed around to play some more, watch a movie, eat pizza, and more playing!  Halle didn't want the fun to end so she went home with gramma for more playing so mommy and daddy could clean up and Noah could rest!
Yes, this is my daughter wearing a pink spiderman shirt, orange (too short) leggins, hot pink socks, and baby pink shoes!  (not to mention, her diaper bag that was used for her when she was a baby!)
YES, I let her pick out her own clothes (most of the time)...and YES it looks pretty crazy!!  (you may remember the picture of her playing outside recently in her red/black capris with her light/dark blue striped shirt)  What can I say, "That's my girl!!!"

Happy birthday sweet Noah Ryan!!  We love you more than you can ever imagine!!
Thank you to all of our guest for making this such a memorable day!! We love you!

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  1. Wow, he has grown so much lately! Happy Birthday big boy!