Thursday, January 14, 2010

She's not a baby anymore!

Well, it's not Halle's birthday, but she did turn 3 1/2 on January 5th!!  It seems like yesterday that she was learning to take her first steps and learning to say new words each day!  Now she runs everywhere, even when she's supposed to walk and I have a hard time getting a word in because she is very verbal!  She is so very special to me and I am so blessed to have such a sweet, caring, sensitive, confident little girl!!  She just started doing chores to help mommy out!  She loves to fold and put away her play clothes, socks, panties, and pj's!!  She also helps mommy set the table!  We have created a chart to help Halle earn stickers by "listening to mommy and daddy's words," "getting herself dressed," etc.  She is very capable of getting herself dressed, brushing her teeth by herself, etc, but sometimes likes to get a little more help when she sees that brother needs help.  Tonight we took her to get her first reward since she reached 50 stars!  She chose a sleeping bag/sleep over set for her baby doll!  We started this chart about a week ago and she is doing very well with it.  We restrict tv time and most days she goes without tv altogether.  However, the days that she watches tv and we ask her to turn it off, it can very easily turn into a meltdown.  We are hoping that this will cut down on meltdowns, and encourage her to go to bed (and stay) in her own bed!  So far chart = success!!

I mentioned how Halle is sweet....this is an understatement.  Everyday she says, "mommy, I need to tell you a secret!"  So I lean down to hear her whisper "I........lllloooooovvvveee........YOU"  She is very compassionate to everyone and insists on giving hugs and kisses to all of her friends/family members when she says goodbye!  She prays for everything!  Her prayers are priceless!!  When we drove to gramma's house on Christmas day she prayed for the people who's cars were stranded and wanted Jesus to keep the people and babies safe!  Her prayers always included thanking Jesus for keeping her safe!  Anytime something hurts, she wants someone to pray for her.  I love that she is learning so much about prayer at a young age and I hope that she will always turn to prayer!  The other day she prayed and told Jesus that she was sorry for sometimes being crabby to her cousins!  Another time she told Jesus that she was sad that her red balloon flew away but she was happy that he's keeping it for her.  I was very surprised because this balloon she was speaking of was lost over a year ago!  Her memory amazes me!  I am not sure about other three year olds but this child can remember any and everything!!!

Halle Kate gives seth and I (and i'd like to say everyone that knows her) such joy!!  She is definitely an individual and very independent!  I believe she is going to be a strong leader.

I know things change very quickly, heck I can change my mind 5 times in a minute, so I would like to record some of her favorites!

Halle's favorites: "from Halle's mouth"

Favorite color:  "purple and pink is my favorite color momma"
Favorite:  me =) She wouldn't let me finish "what's your favorite..." and she blurted out "my momma"  love it!!
Favorite animal:  "butterflies"  me: "what about your favorite zoo animal?"  H:  "zebra is momma"
Favorite farm animal:  "pig and cow momma"
Favorite song:  "all of the songs"  me: "can you pick one?"  H: "a candy song is, tell me which candy I   love momma."  me:  "halle, tell me one song you love."  H: "oklahoma song"  (don't think she's ever heard that.)  She normally sings 'Jesus loves me' as well as several nursery rhymes and fun toddler songs!
Favorite candy:  "dum is"  Translation = "gum"  (Which she never gets, except on very rare occasions)
Favorite cartoon:  "wow wow wubbzy is my favorite show, yo gabba gabba, and max and ruby is"  However, she loves loves loves 'Wonder Pets.'  She also likes 'Ni Hao, Kai Lan.'
Favorite movie:  "a barbie movie" me: "what's your favorite barbie movie?"  H: "I don't remember all the movies, the one with Tika."  (Island Princess)  She also loves dancing princesses (another barbie movie).
Favorite food:  "chiten nuggets wis setchup and ranch"
Favorite snack food: H: "fruit snack" me: "and gogurt?"  H: "I call it yodert"
Favorite thing to play:  "my breakable tea party, having a picnic."  She also loves to play with her babies, in her kitchen, with her desk (coloring and drawing), and with her doctor stuff.
Favorite drink:  "chotlate milk"  This is a given...she would have chocolate milk all day long if we let her.
Favorite pair of shoes: "my cowgirl boots"  I was expecting her to say her shoes like her uncle adam.  She has a little pair of DC shoes and every time we try to get her to wear her nikes she wants her shoes like her uncle adam.
Favorite part of her day:  "spending time with you."  Yes, she really said that, and without cueing from me!  Gotta love her!!
Favorite game:  "the diamond game."  She has a fishing princess gem game.  She also likes to play old maid and crazy 8's.
Favorite activities:  she loves ballet and gymnastics!  I must be crazy because I just enrolled her in Spring soccer.  This is going to make for a very busy Spring, but we're up for it.
Favorite book:  "arthur"  Not sure where she came up with this...she loves her picture prayer book, her big sister book, and her "bible book."  We have been reading the 'Princess and the Frog' chapter book and started 'Ramona Quimby goes to kindergarten.'  She loves reading time.

At 3 1/2 Halle is 41 lbs.  (will add height soon).  She knows all of her letters and the sounds that go with each letter.  She can read some simple words.  She can spell her name and count to 42 (with a little assistance...after 29 she wants to say 20-10, same with 39, 30-10).  She loves to help mommy cook and bake.  She loves loves loves to ask questions about everything everywhere!  She always wants to learn more and I'm hoping this trait will continue when she starts school and continue!  Halle stays with her aunt lala every day and does "homework" not because she has to, but because she wants to.  She is a very loved little girl!!

To finish I wanted to post some cute HALLE MOMENTS, b/c I never want to forget the precious things she says!  Most of these were from when she was two, and were all jotted down on sticky notes.
1.  While taking a drive around Piedmont when Halle was two, the sun was shining in her window and she said, "move the sun daddy." It's precious to think that Halle thought her daddy could move the sun.
2.  "When I go to school mommy, I use my imagination."  She said this when she was about 2 1/2 and still going to new horizons childcare or school as she called it.
3.  "Mommy, I want to take Jesus out of my heart and hold him in my hand."
4.  "that's inappropriate." She randomly said this and Seth and I couldn't stop laughing!  Not sure where she heard it!
5.  "this is redicuous"
6.  "beat beat heart" = "stephastote" (stethoscope)
7.  "holy moly halle-gator"
8.   Halle wanted to play with fake tattoos.  She had a tattoo on her arm and on her leg.  She looked at one tattoo on her arm and said "that's for daddy."  She looked at the one on her leg and said, "that's for noah."  She looked at the other arm, which didn't have a tattoo, and said, "ooops, mommy went to work"
9.    She calls an elephant a "efanant"
10.  When counting to three (trying to use discipline) me:  one........twooooooo......threeeee...   H:  45678   Needless to say, she didn't get in trouble b/c I couldn't stop laughing.
11.  When learning to count in the twenties, Seth and I:  "twenty"  H:  "tony-one, tony-two"  (seth has two friends that are named Tony, that Halle sees quite a bit)
12.  I told Halle to put her gloves on and she said "these aren't gloves mommy, these are mittens."
13.  (while still attending new horizons childcare center, 2 yrs) looking at a bus, H:  "that's a bus, not the tumble bus but a reguwar bus."
14.  While praying "thank you for my mommy, my daddy, my zoebooze (zoe and booze)."
15.  Halle wanted to go outside out back.  She said her friend was out there.  I said "halle, no one is out there."  She said, "mommy, it's Talle, my friend."  I said, "halle, honey, no one is outside."  H: "Fretend (pretend) mommy, it's Talle, my friend by the fence."
16.  Every morning I place Halle's clothes in our bathroom on the tub ledge.  Seth walked out of his closet and moved her clothes and Halle said, "oooh you know better daddy, you know better!"
17.  There was a frog on our front porch. H:  "I won't make him sad, I hold him in my hand and feed him."  She treated the frogs in our flower bed like pets...she loved looking for them each night.
18.  Just the other day H talking to herself: "I'm a real real real real doctor, I'm a cowgirl.  Maybe I can be both...yeah, a cowgirl doctor."
19.  She loves to ask me now as we leave any store.  "mommy was I good...i'm a big girl mommy, i listen to your words."  Yes, Halle, you are a big girl and I love you more and more each day!!!!!

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