Thursday, January 7, 2010

More pictures from Christmas Eve

I blogged earlier this week about how we spent Christmas Eve, since we were snowed in...and I seemed to leave a few things out!  I don't know how I could forget the "dance off" in the kitchen!  Halle and her daddy danced to several Christmas songs!  It was fun to see her dance and just laugh with her daddy!  If I learn to post video footage, I will upload it!  Sooo funny!!

Noah wanted in on some of the action too!

Halle received reindeer food with her santa the only trip outside was to put reindeer food on the back patio for Rudolph and his gang!!

After a long day of playing, cooking, reading, watching movies, and preparing for santa.........

they were by one!!

And then Santa's little helper got to work on the most important present on Halle's wishlist...something she's asked for for months now.....

her very own baby center to take care of her babies!

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