Saturday, January 30, 2010

Iced in and making the most of it!

We have been stuck inside most of the day Thursday and Friday because of the weather!

We have had some great "special family time"  as Halle calls it.  I think she got that phrase from the Berenstein Bears...and I like it!  All of our family time is special!  Seth and I went ahead and gave Noah his birthday present ahead of time and he and sister thoroughly enjoyed it!  Seth and I enjoyed watching Halle and Noah play and laugh with each other.  Noah's personality is really shining and he is such a happy, outgoing, active boy that loves loves loves his sister!!

Seth and I also did a lot of preparations for Noah's party.  We weren't sure what the weather was going to do, but decided to prepare anyways.  We knew that we were going to celebrate regardless of the turnout.  

This is the picture we ordered from Piggies and Paws.  If you look closely that is Noah's footprint in the golf bag.  I think it is very cute, and they have some wonderful ideas.  I may try to make my own sometime soon.  Who's in??

Halle helping mommy prep Noah's cake

I decided to make Noah's cake on my own.  We wanted to make a frog cake, so I found a picture online that I liked, and although mine didn't look anything remotely close to that one, I was still pretty happy with the outcome!  

The eyes
The body and legs
The finished product!!  I made buttercream icing for the first time, and it turned out pretty tasty!  My hand mixer almost died, but other than that it went pretty well.  I would like to buy a stand mixer but am not sure if I'd use it very much.  Maybe if I continue my new years resolution of cooking more my hubby will surprise me with one.  (are you reading this seth...dear?)

kind of a mess, but very worth it!!
Seth helping me in the kitchen!
Chocolate Frogs

Making the dirt cake
Dirt cake and lime flavored candied popcorn

The Candy Bar
For each guest to fill their bags and attach to a balloon!

Our Hope for Haiti table!  For Noah's 1st birthday, we asked that instead of bringing presents for Noah that they bring toiletries for "Clean The World."  This is a non-profit organization that is moving supplies into Haiti.  

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