Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year!

Unfortunately Noah ran a fever all day on New Year's Eve and had a virus.  I stayed home with him and Halle and actually went to bed by 10:30.  We have had a wonderful year, but I am definitely looking forward to a new year, new beginnings, perfect health, and lots of memories to be made!
I always make some sort of resolution, I may not stick to them, but I make them!  Here it is the second week in January and I have already stuck with my #1 resolution for a week....yay! =)  (It doesn't sound like such a big deal,  but when you read what it is, you will be impressed...if you know me at all!).  I am posting my resolutions so I will be held a little more accountable!  I am expecting YOU, my friends and family, to keep me accountable and encourage me!  So here we go.

     1.  Cook 5 days out of the week!!  I plan to PLAN on sundays our menu for the week and make our grocery trip Sunday for those items!  I have cleaned out my kitchen and have made things more functional!  Seth got me new cookware set and utensils for Christmas.  I organized my recipe box and added new recipes.  (desperately trying to get motivated!)  I have a picture holder that holds 5 pictures and instead I place 5 recipe cards.  We have been stuck in a rut and have been getting too much take-out and fast-food!  At the end of the day when Seth asks what we're having for dinner it's the same "I don't know, what do you want?"  I get tired of digging through the cabinets and the fridge trying to figure out what I have to make what.  This was an easy solution!  Now I just choose a card the night before and make sure that I have everything set out or thawing in the fridge to make dinner as easy as possible!  This resolution will hopefully lead to more healthy eating habits and help save $$.
     2.  Eat at the dinner table:  normally, as sad as it is, we sit in the living room while eating and watch wheel of fortune (don't I sound old?!?!).  I hate that we have such a high table (that was bought before we had children).  It makes it very difficult to feel like we're eating as a family with Noah sitting lower in his highchair.  We will make it work until we can sell this bar height table and get another one.  I am so glad that we are eating at the table together.  Growing up we ate every meal at the table.  It is a very special part of our day now!  Halle helps set the table, Seth prays before each meal, Halle adds her own little prayer interjections during daddy's prayer, and we are able to really enjoy each other and learn about each other's day!  
     3.  Stay on top of cleaning:  We were having someone clean our house, but I have been wanting to stop spending on unnecessary things so we are going to tackle the mess ourselves.  I used to have an organized way of cleaning and it seemed to work.   Each night I clean one room, dust everything top-to-bottom.   We vacuum frequently anyway because the kids are always on the floors playing and we will mop weekly (which I dislike very very very much!)  I don't like spending 2 hours on the weekend cleaning the whole house, so 15 minutes each night seems a whole lot better to me!  I also hope to run 1 load of laundry a night to stay caught up.  
     4.  Read more books and learn new things.  I want to read more non fictional books and gain knowledge in areas that I know nothing about!  I also want to read more books just for fun and stop watching so much tv!  If you have any suggestions for light, entertaining books, please share!  
     5.  Game time:  I want to play more family games after dinner.  We actually started doing this before Christmas and we enjoy it so much that we want to continue doing this!  Sometimes I wish we could just get rid of the televisions and find other sources of entertainment!  But then I realize I would really miss my shows!  So I just dvr them and watch them after the kids are in bed!  
     6.  I want to blog more.....more journaling through my blog.  I don't care who reads or doesn't read my blog.  It's just kind of therapeutic to write things down and a way to record memories and thoughts!
     7.  While I'd like to say I want to run so many 5k's or exercise daily, I do realize that I am a full time working mother of 2 and I am a wife.  I would love to exercise but I also realize I am not going to wake up at 5am just to exercise when I could get 2 more hours of sleep!  So my goal WILL BE to park further out in the parking lot and not search for close spots so I don't have to walk more, go on daily walks/runs with my husband and children this spring and summer, use my eliptical during the winter when I watch my recorded shows, and maintain healthy eating habits!  I am not going to stress over going to the gym because I honestly don't have the time and when I get off work, I want to see my children!  
     8.  BE HAPPY: I am so completely blessed with such a wonderful family and the best friends anyone could ask for!  

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