Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Change of Plans!

Traditionally, we spend every Christmas Eve at Grandma Ward's house.....but not this year!  The weather had different plans for us!  Seth told me on the 23rd that I should plan on staying home because the weather wasn't supposed to be good, but I was set on going to work.  I woke up the 24th and heard something coming down outside, but planned to go in early and get off early.....wrong.  I looked out our back window and ice was already covering the patio.

I would rather be safe, warm, and spend the day with my babies!  I am so glad I decided to stay many were stuck out on the roads that day/night, including our cousins that were coming up from Durant.  Not only did they have their two dogs with them, but she is pregnant, and they were stuck in their car for over 10 hours!
We spent the majority of the day in our pj's, read books, played games, watched a movie, and made birthday cupcakes and a cake for Jesus, as well as cookies for Santa!  We weren't able to make it to Grandma's house that night, but it was kind of nice relaxing in our own home Christmas Eve.   It was a beautiful white Christmas!

We used the easy bake cookies this year!  Not only do they only take 8 minutes, but they are pretty tasty too!  I think santa liked them too!!

Attempting to make very colorful cupcakes!!

We weren't brave enough to go outside Christmas Eve, but it sure was beautiful from the inside!

What a beautiful white Christmas it was!  Christmas pictures to follow!

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