Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving with the in-laws

We celebrated a late Thanksgiving with the in-laws this past Saturday!  Larry and Debbie had 16 people in their home this Thanksgiving, well for every holiday and every Sunday for that matter!  They have always been the type to invite everyone over for food and fellowship!  Halle loves that she has so many cousins she is close to!  There is never a dull moment when we get has been such a blessing to be apart of this family!  

On the way to Gramma and Papa's house!

It is a tradition for Gramma to buy all of the grandbabies a danbury mint ornament each year!  This year it was "holiday mantel."

Seth's granny started the tradition when her youngest grandchild was born!

Daddy and Halle looking at her new ornament!

Yes, that is my daughter pouting because she didn't get to hold her brother for the picture, but as you will see she got over it quickly!

Happy cousins: Zamian, Gracie, Halle, Conner, Noah, and Emmerie.

They love their cowboys, even though they suffered a horrible loss earlier on in the day!

Aunt Lala

Emmerie and Noah

Lala and Gracie

Halle and her papa!

Halle loves her gigi and lala!

Halle decorating gramma's tree!

Patiently waiting for their turn!

Uncle Derek helping the kids decorate the tree!

Halle decorated with gold balls....can you tell? 

Emmerie put on the star!

And Noah wanted to add some finishing touches! 

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