Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A special Christmas gift

Each year all of Seth's siblings go in together to pick a gift for his mom and dad.  This year we decided to take pictures of all of the grandkids and "make-over" the living room with new paint and pictures!  Debbie loves having pictures up of her grandbabies, but it has been a while since we have brought them all together for pictures.  It would be impossible to hire a professional to take pictures of these monkeys so I decided to try to get some pictures myself.  I didn't take very many of Halle and Noah because we just had their pictures taken recently, and are framing those as well for them.  We went to the park over a month ago but I am just now able to post them since we gave her a slideshow of the pictures during our sibling Christmas dinner.  She was very emotional when she opened the dvd and started crying saying "I think these are pictures....oh I hope these are pictures!"  She has watched the slideshow several times since then!  I think we chose something that she will cherish forever!  We framed 10 of these pictures and will surprise her with those on Christmas morning.  I know there is no way she will check my blog before then because she is running around like crazy trying to finish her shopping and wrapping for 8 children and 7 grandbabies!  I feel very blessed to have such wonderful in-laws and I hope they enjoy it!

Emmerie, Conner, Zamian, Halle, Gracie, Skyler, and Noah-2009

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