Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Letter from Santa

Halle received a letter from Santa a few days ago.  I wish I had my video camera to record her response!  I never expected her to react the way she did!  Seth helped her open the letter where she found stickers, reindeer food, and a letter encouraging Halle and congratulating her for being a good big sister, picking up her toys, and listening to her mommy and daddy's words.  She was so ecstatic and called her gramma and her nana to tell them of her letter!  Here is a little sample of her response.
Halle: "OH MY GOODNESS!!  I CANNOT BELIEVE this!!  A LETTER FROM SANTA?!  I'm SOO Happy!!!  Are you SERIOUS?!  A letter from SANTA!!  I CANNOT believe this!  I need to call him and tell him THANK YOU! (because yes, she has talked to santa (aka grandpa disguising his voice) and heard stories about the reindeer and the north pole)  I thought there was no way she would fall for that, but grandpa has done a great job.
I didn't really have any expectations of her reactions to this letter I had sent to her for $5.00.  I think I would have spent a hundred to see her that happy!  She definitely knows the reason for the season and sings happy birthday to Jesus several times daily...but this is the first year that she is really excited about Santa.  Seth's family never really did the "santa" thing, so he was kind of hesitant about it.  After he saw her joy and excitement with the santa letter I am sure we will let her believe in Santa as long as possible!

"What is it mom?  Can I open it??? Please??"

"I CAN-NOT (stressing the pronunciation!) BE-LIEVE THIS!!"

Holding her very special santa letter and a packet of reindeer food!

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