Saturday, December 19, 2009


On December 12th we had our 2nd annual Christmas party!  We had so much fun last year that everyone was looking forward to it this year!  We had an italian potluck dinner this year.  Some brought appetizers and some brought entrees and we had so much wonderful food!!  There were meatballs, lasagna, alfredo, homemade stuffed mushrooms, fried raviolis, Italian sausage, garlic bread, and many more dishes......oh oh oh and who could forget we had ice cream sundaes for dessert!!  We definitely hope to keep this tradition going in the future!



...and after....

Jen and Brandon (Seth's buddy from college) came up early Saturday afternoon from Texas to help us prep for the party.  It may have also had something to do with wanting to see our children and spoiling them rotten with presents!  Thanks Brandon and Jen, Halle is still asking when you guys are coming back to play with her!

Rona and I before the party!  She just found out two days before this picture that she's expecting a little girl!

I introduced Rona and Jared three years ago this month!  Jared and Seth have been friends since elementary school!

Justin and Heather.  Justin and Seth also met in college!

Jamie, Angela, and Melissa. It is ironic how so many of my friends used to teach (or still do) together! (bri and stacey not pictured)

Chad and Jamie

Melissa and Tony

Nathan, Angela, and their newest addition Addilynne Paige!

Bri and Dustin

Seth made everyone that arrived take a shot (that wasn't pregnant, of course!)  Talk about peer pressure =)  I am thinking Seth may have taken a shot with every person!!  (Just a thought!)

Tony and Jared

Seth trying to have a serious moment!

Merrilee (soon-to-be Barone) and Chris!

I think we were pressured into this by Seth!

Emily and Kevin

Kylie and Jeremy

I'm not saying that I made this picture B&W to hide Seth's bloodshot eyes.....BUT...

Pictures speak for themselves!  I will say that this was the first night Seth has had a drink in a very long time, and we were in the comfort of our own he took advantage and had a blast!

After dinner and mingling we played Dirty Santa!  Poor 20 weeks along Andi ended up with alcohol.  Fortunately she had that stolen from her and ended up with a snuggie!

Rona had her alcohol stolen from her as well!!

I still do not understand how I ended up with the ______ toy's that Seth is holding in the above picture!  Thanks Chris!!

After dirty santa, we had a great night playing battle of the sexes and catch phrase!

Kylie and her brother Kevin

Merrilee was thrilled to have Seth sitting by her during catch phrase...right Mer?  Don't let his calm, innocent face fool you!!

Andi (baby boy), Melissa (I'm predicting baby girl!), Rona (baby girl), and Bri (predicting baby boy)...Thanks so much for coming!  I know that many of you haven't felt the best during your pregnancy, but hopefully the morning (or all-day sickness) is over!

Don't ask me to explain why my husband always finds it necessary to pose awkwardly....I just have no words!!!

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