Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Always on the go!

It seems like our lives are getting busier and busier and time is not slowing down!  Halle started soccer and her first practice was Monday evening.  We bundled her in layers and she practiced outside with her team in the 40 degree weather.  It wasn't that bad and she didn't practice for that long.  It was interesting to say the least!  Our friend is the coach and her twins are on the team, as well as a couple of other kids that she knows.  She seemed a little timid, which is to be expected for her first time to ever play.  She was more excited about wearing her shin guards and soccer shoes than actually playing and I must say she looked adorable standing out there kind of clueless!  Her first soccer game is this saturday at 10am!  We are very excited!
Halle usually has ballet on Saturday mornings so we are temporarily changing her ballet class to the Thursday class.  I hope it works out because there are only three kids in that class and 9 in her Saturday class.  Hopefully she'll pick up more of her recital routine.  They actually gave us a cd and the instructions to practice with the kids.  Personally, I think it's kind of fast music for three year olds.  I had to google Tendu and passe because I didn't have a clue and there was no way I was going to remember from my childhood ballet days.  So I watched the videos on youtube and tried to practice with Halle and she kept saying, "no, mommy, not like that, no."  So I think i'll just encourage her to listen in class and do her best!  I think she'll look cute on stage no matter what!!
So with gymnastics on Tuesdays, we are a pretty busy family!  I told her that I wasn't going to re-enroll her in gymnastics this next session and she was heartbroken!  She kept telling me that she wanted to be in her friend Remi's class forever and ever.  So I think I will keep her in it.  Soccer season is short and I really don't mind being on the go with the kids in tow!!  Halle has so much energy and doesn't get very much interaction with other little girls outside of activities so it's a great opportunity for her to make friends and burn up that exuberant amount of energy!  I actually look forward to gymnastic Tuesdays because the mommy's get time to chat as well.  Oh how I miss getting to just chat with friends!  I try to engage in conversations that last more that 5 minutes, but it's hard with Noah trying to go up the slide backwards, trying to eat trash off the floor, licking the mirror, or disappearing into the lobby.
This week was going to have something every practice, gymnastics, zoe's vet appointment (for vaccines), ballet, dinner with friends, soccer game, baby shower....on top of working.....can you say OVERLOAD!  I cancelled Zoe's appointment and made a doctors appointment instead for Noah.  He's been running a fever since Monday night.  We've been giving him tylenol and motrin (which I feel works better) and it was still at 102.4 tonight.  The doctor said it was a virus and he has pus pockets on his tonsils.  So I understand now why he isn't wanting to eat!  Tonight I felt so bad for him b/c he wanted to be held all of the time and when I sat him on the ground he just laid his head down and whined.  His papa came over and just rocked him and prayed for him!  I love that they are always there for us and our children at a moments notice.  He started feeling a little better when papa got here and actually started to play fetch with the dogs.  He throws the ball and they actually bring it back....even though they need a little motivation to let go of the ball.  Once we can teach Booze to let go and drop it in noah's lap we may have an activity that could last for hours!  I really hope that Noah starts feeling better quickly.  I was really looking forward to having dinner with friends we haven't seen in a while but know that it will be worth waiting until he can really enjoy himself (and isn't contagious!)

*Update on Booze:  he laid around the house for about two days after his little snip snip and didn't show any interest in peeing on anything......until we had friends over for a playdate!  He then decided to pee all over a curious george cardboard puzzle that was on the floor.  We got the crate back out and he will stay in it while we are at work.  Hopefully someday we can leave him out without having everything chewed up or peed on!!

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  1. I am so glad you are keeping Halle in gymnastics, I really want to get together and let the kids play. Man Booze is crazy but I bet he wil chill soon at least I hope so.