Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February...I didn't forget about you!

It has been forever since I have posted something on here...and I kindly got reminded from my good friend angela today that my blog is so far behind, so I better catch up!! =)
This month has kind of flown by!!  We are staying pretty busy with Halle's activities, work, church, and slowly trying to get our house ready to sale!  We finally rented a storage unit and are going to start moving some stuff little by little to actually make room for people to walk through during an open house!!!  I think we have accumulated too much junk!!  I am at the point where I never want to shop again!  I never want to buy anything to clutter up our house ever again!!  Not sure how long that will last!   I did, however, give up recreational shopping for lent.  I know it's a strange thing to give up, but I love to shop!  I don't really enjoy the mall, or going with other people.  I just like to go to Ross, or preferably TJ Maxx or Marshalls by myself and walk around and end up with a cart full of stuff that I don't need!  It's kind of therapeutic to shop.  So that is exactly why I decided to give it up!  I think that it is even more refreshing to drive by where I usually stop and just keep on driving!  I don't need any more stuff!!  Now I say Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!! 

Halle and Noah are both over their ear infections and seem to be feeling great!  Noah is doing well with his medication increase and we will see his GI doctor March 9th to see if we need to do anything else.  My fingers are crossed that we will be able to stop using the monitor.  Wouldn't that be great!?!!!!

My male boxer Booze has been in the "doghouse" this month!!  He has started chewing on things and then urinating on them!!!  So far this month he has chewed up noah's diapers from his trash, chewed up my living room rug and then urinated on it (or that may have been January), and vomited (from chewing up the diapers) on the play room rug.  I'm not even close to done!  Last Friday I was feeding the kids breakfast and getting ready to take Noah to the dr.  Halle complained of her neck hurting and wanted to get down from the bar.  When I got her down she vomited everywhere.  I cleaned it up and put all the nasty clothes/towels, etc in a sack to deal with when we got back from the doctor.  I walk in to see that the clothes were spread all over the living room and there was the empty target bag...with piss all over it!!!!  And how do I know it's Booze....because he darts towards the back door and just shakes like he knows he is in trouble!  Oh I forgot to mention, he even managed to make time to chew up Noah's golf club!  (granted, it was plastic, but still!)  So you would think he would learn his lesson.  Nope!! And neither did I!!!  I walked out the door today and forgot to shut the bathroom door.....with a target sack full of diapers (all wet!!), pull-ups (which were mostly dry), etc!  So when I walked into my room today, to my surprise, I find the trash all over my entire room!!!!  I think, okay I need to leave to go get the kids in just a minute...so I can shut the bedroom door and clean it up later (secretly thinking Seth will be home before I get back and he can clean it up)...and I walk by the living room to see that Booze wasn't satisfied enough with trashing my room, he wanted to trash our living room as well!  Deep breath, count to TEN very slowly......BOOOOOZE!!!  I am really not that mean, he spent the next hour outside in the cold.  BUT, he is going to see the nice vet Thursday morning and is getting neutered!!!!!  The vet said the dog next door may be in heat and his hormones might be going crazy and if we aren't breeding him by the time he is 6, then we should neuter him to cut down the risk of cancer.  He'll be 5 in May, but I need a change in behavior.  I desperately need the dog whisperer to come pay me a visit.......plllllleeeeeaaaaasssseeeee!!!  Here is a pic from this afternoon!!!

On to a happy note....this was Valentines day month, which means Seth and I got to go on a date!!!  
Halle wanted to take my picture...
and our picture together....
and another of me.  I really don't need the top of my head anyways!
Seth and I went to eat at Texas Roadhouse and to see the movie Valentine's Day.  We had a great night and the kids got to spend some time with gramma and papa!

Halle was really into Valentine's day and making valentines for her friends.  I had every intention of helping her make homemade cards, but we didn't get around to that, just like we didn't get around to making the princess cookies that she wanted to make.  She wrote her name on her Ni Hao Kai Lan and Princess and the Frog Valentines.  She also put together gift bags for her cousins and her friends at gymnastics and ballet. 

Noah on Valentine's Day.  "mom's lil' romeo!"
Future olympic skier! 
There is just something about my kids and posing!!  Halle was giving me her "this is how you pose for soccer, right mom?" kind of pose.
Then she decided she wanted me to take a picture of her sitting on the floor!
But aren't they so sweet?!
 I am trying to teach Noah that he needs to kiss with his mouth closed and Zoe isn't helping my case any!
My sweet valentines!!

My family was unable to come up for Noah's birthday because of the weather so my mom came up last weekend to celebrate!  She brought both the kids a book that her and my dad recorded for them!  They just turn the page and can hear my mom and dad reading to them, with some interjections from their dog, maizie!  Mom brought Noah a car and a train to go with his silly town play center!  He loved them!  

open it...eat it...whatever gets the job done, right?!

Noah loves his car and wants to be pushed around the house at least once a day!  Fortunately, in this crazy winter, we've had a couple of days this month where we were able to go for walks around the neighborhood! 

This is Halle's new thing....she points at me and yells something about how I can't catch her...and then....
She's off!  
We almost had a meltdown when Halle wasn't able to ride in the car like Noah, but mommy came to the rescue.  What in the world could make a broken hearted 3 year old happy after being told she can't ride in noah's car.......FAIRY WINGS!

And here are a few more random photos from this month:

Noah has started running and keeps his hands behind him.  Buddy, we need to change this!
Halle had a sleep over with her cousin, Emmerie.  They love bath time and COULD stay in for hours until their little fingers turn into raisins!
Noah playing soccer, making daddy proud!
Halle playing in the snow!
Noah trying a sucker for the first time!  He loved the sucker and kept slurping and jumping up and down and squealing!  And yes, he has a little mullet...but I can't say much, with the way my hair is looking!  I am not sure what to do with his hair, so I'm just leaving it alone for now.  
Halle playing with her "doodle" (caboodle) and doing ladonna's makeup.  Halle loves to play with makeup.  She likes to pretend to do her babies makeup and always wants to play in it.  This is very strange since her momma is lucky to leave the house with the right shoes on, let alone makeup!  Halle did her eye makeup as well and said, "close your eyes ladonna and look in the mirror!"  Classic!!  
Halle would put a little on herself, then ladonna, then herself!  What is it with opening your mouth when putting on eye makeup?!  Thank you Ladonna for playing with her, she talked about it for days!!
Noah sitting in a big chair!  He didn't want to get down!

And that wraps it up for the month of February!

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  1. Your kids are so precious! And Reid is totally rocking a mullet, too.