Wednesday, February 3, 2010

just some randomness about my Halle Kate!

At the doctor with Noah on Monday, Halle was having a hard time sitting still.  She opened the door to look outside our little room we were in.  Sometimes she feels it necessary to have a little attitude!  She looked at the doors (where the numbers are) and with one hand on her hip and one hand doing a valley girl kind of point along with the rolling of her eyes and a valley girl voice, she said, "ONNNNEEE, TWWWOOOOO, THREEEE.......SEEEEEE MOM, I know MY 'letters'!!"  

Halle has a behavior chart that we use for rewards and to encourage good behavior.  She pretty much has the chart (14 objectives) memorized.  Everyday, I hear something to this effect:
"Mom, your welcome for not interrupting you on the phone!"
"Mom, your welcome for putting away my dirty clothes."  
"Mom, your welcome for being a good listener."
"Mom, your welcome for brushing my teeth."

She received 50 stars the other day so we took her to target to get her reward.  She looked all through the toys and wanted this really cheap makeup set (by all of the dress up stuff).  They wanted $14.99 for something that looked like she'd be interested in it for oh about 10 minutes!  I finally talked her into going to look for something to put all of her "make-up" and jewelry in.  She loves to play dress up with makeup, jewelry, and heels!  We finally found the perfect reward...a caboodle for $9.99.  I didn't even know they still made caboodles!!!  I had one forever ago.  It was purple and pink and I thought I was pretty cool I must say!  So she loves her "doodle" and when anyone comes over she loves to do their make-up!!

Today, I got a call from Lauren and she said she had the following conversation with Halle.
Halle:  "Lala, do you love Noah?"  Lauren said she told her she loved her and her brother.
Halle:  "Then can you keep him so I can have a sister?"  Lauren told her that she'd miss her brother.
Halle:  "no, I would see him everyday when I come to your house and once I get my sister, we can get him back!"
Halle has been asking me lately if she can have a sister.  I tell her she has a brother and she should enjoy playing with him.  For some reason she is always trying to pawn her brother off on someone else!  Silly girl!!  

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