Sunday, February 7, 2010

Recap on a horrible, no good, very bad week!

This past week has been a very tiring, stressful week.  Noah had his 12 month well check Monday.  The "fill-in" nurse tried to give him a shot standing up without warning Seth or myself.  This resulted in a mess, to say the least!  Monday night was the highlight of the week.  Our friends, Chad and Ladonna came over with their baby girl, Finnley, for a nice dinner.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night, Noah's monitor went off more times than I can remember.  I think every time I finally fell asleep I heard the monitor again.  After it went off Tuesday night (4 times) for tachycardia the doctor wanted to see him.  He said if it continues to go off for tachycardia he would order an EKG but at the present time we shouldn't worry about high heart rates, we are mainly worried about his heart rate dropping with the apnea events.  Noah did end up having an ear infection in his right ear.  This makes for his 5th ear infection and the doctor asked if we wanted to see an ENT now or wait until his recheck.  I want to wait.  I think his ear infection will heal and his ears will be clear.  I would like to avoid tubes if at all possible.  Noah has been on omnicef now since Wednesday night and I think he is feeling much better.  The doctor also said watch for RSV symptoms because a lot of babies are getting that.  Noah did have some cold symptoms Wednesday, but they are getting better each day and I don't think we have to worry about RSV.  Wednesday night, Noah's monitor went off for bradycardia......ahhhh.  Thursday was a very bad day for me.  As much as I try to stay positive, I kept thinking, "great, this has set us back two more months!"  The doctor said that Noah has to have two 30 day monitor downloads that are event free in order to d/c home health and the monitor.  So after being "absent" at work...meaning my mind was always somewhere else, I was able to call my mom and vent and have a little "moment."  I just kept thinking about Noah getting RSV, and when babies are sick, reflux acts up more, and apnea events happen more often, etc, etc.  I think at this point I was just exhausted and delirious.  I think about 20 minutes after my little "moment" or breakdown, I received a call from the nurse saying that they received the results from the download (from Monday)..(which I might mention was supposed to be done January 14th...just a few weeks behind...uggghh).  She said that he had an episode 12/19 at 5:56 am that was over 19 seconds but since we increased his medicine (double the dose) he has made significant gains!!  He only had six episodes that were seven-seconds long.  That was music to my ears!!  Just what I needed to hear!  Thursday night the alarm went off like crazy and I was starting to think the leads were bad (and I just put brand new ones on it would make sense for the crazy week!).  I changed them out, and we haven't had a single episode in two nights!!  I am not sure if it was the leads or if he was having a bad week with the immunizations, cold, reflux, etc.  Right now I am choosing to believe the leads were bad.  I missed a call from the nurse at around 5:20 Friday afternoon saying that she had some news and I could call her back Saturday at 10:30.  I was able to get ahold of her yesterday and found out that his GI doctor wants to see him around the 2nd week in March and wants to have another download completed March 2nd.  He is hoping to review the past two monitor downloads along with the newest one and hopefully take Noah off the cardiac/respiratory monitor at that time since the last download showed improvement with the change in meds!!  I am so looking forward to March!!!

On another note, Halle had a wonderful day at ballet yesterday and is learning the routine for a Mickey Mouse dance for the June recital.  It's always nice when she decides to watch the teacher and try to imitate her moves rather than dancing to her own tune in the mirror, although that's pretty cute too!  I love watching her.  She definitely loves to dance!

As if Halle isn't staying busy enough with ballet and gymnastics, we also had a parents meeting at the YMCA for soccer Saturday.  The time has come that Seth has been looking forward to....Halle is old enough to play soccer!!  He is so excited to kick the ball around with her!  At least soccer season doesn't last very long, at least at her age.

Thank you to my 5 or so readers.  I think this blog is more for me, than for others, but I am thankful I at least have a few followers! =)  I hope that each of you have a wonderful week ahead!!  Now it's time to go get ready for church!


  1. Man, when it rains it pours. Just keep remembering, God is with you every step of the way. Keep thinking positive thoughts and in a year when you look back at old pictures you will be able to laugh at all the crazy times you had with "the machine!" And Noah, will laugh right along with you.

  2. So proud of you for making it through what sounds like a really tough week! Please remember, there is no shame in needing to "vent." That is what your friends and family are for! Love you girl. Hope this week is much much better:)