Saturday, March 27, 2010

garage sales...

I am sitting inside my garage freezing!  This doesn't feel like spring weather to me!  The wind is blowing like crazy and I am considering shutting down early and taking a hot shower!  Seth took Halle to her soccer game and Noah is at gramma's house so I am here by my lonesome!  I have had some neat 'shoppers' today!  One couple is having a baby boy and decided to buy all of my boy stuff (of course I didn't sell the "good" stuff that I will be passing on).  I don't think they had a real sense of sizes for what age and what the season will be, but they got a great deal so hopefully what they can't use they can pass on too!  Sometimes I think "why don't people want this?"  I think very highly of my "junk."  ha!  

So why I sit out here freezing in what should be 80 degree weather....I will think happy thoughts about what I would rather be doing!  
Playing outside in the sun with these two kiddos tops my list!

would rather be watching "Alice in Wonderland" at the IMAX

I would love to be at the beach right now!

Mmmmm starbucks!!!  I gave up shopping for lent (recreational shopping), but I did buy shoes for the kids and an Easter dress for Halle.  I figure those don't count, because they are essentials. =)

I would love to be getting a pedicure right now!  Love them!  I very seldom get one, but had one last weekend for our anniversary date and I want another one very very soon!
My hubby is bringing me home Wendy's Chili!  Thank you Stacey for bringing some by yesterday!  I could eat this chili every day.  It's awesome when you add some french fries!  (can you tell i'm hungry?!)  

I will continue to sit here hoping people come by my stuff.  But I am shutting down at 1:00pm.  Seth will be home shortly with the kids (and my chili) and we have a birthday party to get ready for!  Happy birthday Gallagher!  

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