Thursday, November 26, 2009

What a day!

We bought an angel care monitor from babies r us before Noah was born.  This monitors breathing and If a child goes without a breath for 15 seconds it beeps once really loud.  If the child continues to not take a breath for 20 seconds it sounds off a loud alarm until the child starts breathing again or someone turns it off.  We have heard the alarm before, such as when we forget to turn it off when we get Noah out of bed.  Well, in September we heard the alarm 4 times in one weekend.  Each time when we "RAN" in to check on Noah and touched him he got startled and took a deep breath and the alarm stopped.  I wasn't sure if the machine wasn't working right or if something else was wrong.  I didn't want to take a chance so we contacted our pediatrician.  He also didn't want to take any chances and sent Focus home medical to our house to set up an apnea monitor.  At first they wanted Noah to wear this machine all the time.  It was nearly impossible....he wanted to roll everywhere.  They changed the orders to only nap times and at nighttime.  Every night after a bath we have to wrap this felt belt around Noah's chest tightly.  The belt has two electrodes and a fiber optic cord that we have to hide in his pant leg and connect to another cord, which then connects to the monitor.  Kind of a pain to do every night, but I'm not complaining because this monitor is something that is very important for the well being of my son right now.
We received our first results in October, that Noah had several apnea episodes over 16 seconds and one episode at 20 seconds.  Our pediatrician told us we needed to keep the monitor on Noah for another month.  On November 16th, another download of the monitor data was done.  I received a call yesterday from the doctor's office with the information from last month's apnea study.  Noah is continuing to have apnea episodes of over 16 seconds.  I am supposed to call our pediatricians office on Monday to find out what date we will have to take Noah in for a sleep study.  They want to put a ph probe in his esophagus to see if reflux is playing a part in this.  So now it is a waiting game until we have the sleep study done.  I am asking for prayers for Noah and the doctors taking care of him.  

As if that wasn't enough.....I went to the church parking lot where I always meet my sister-in-law to pick up my children.  I arrived just a few minutes early and I was low on gas so I decided to turn off my car.  The radio will continue to play for another 5 minutes and then will shut off too.  I decided to turn the radio back on but my car wouldn't do anything, wouldn't start, the ignition wouldn't even turn over!  My friend Brooke who was heading to my house for a holiday visit stopped by to help jump my car.  Still, it wouldn't do anything!  After deciding not to tow it, my husband showed up to take Noah and I with him to get a battery.  By this time Brooke took Halle with her back to another friend's house and an hour had already passed by.  Eventually we did find out it WAS in fact the battery!!  After another hour of buying a battery and Seth changing it out, my car was up and running!  I am so thankful it was nothing more than a battery!  It is an eye opener that I need to keep blankets and perhaps a spare diaper bag in my car just in case something like this ever happens again!  

The night ended up being a pretty good night!  My friend from college, Brooke, brought her kids and Halle over to my house for pizza and playtime!  Brooke and I met in our first CDIS class at OSU.  Brooke is very close to Halle.  She and my sister-in-law kept her for the first 6 months of her life so I wouldn't have to put her in a public daycare.  A little over two years ago Brooke moved to Temple, Texas so her husband could complete his residency in radiology at Scott and White.  Even though we only see each other a few times a year, nothing changes between us and I'm sure we'll be friends for life!  
Here are a few pictures of our children playing.  Liam just turned four in October and Emma will be two in February!  Thanks for spending the evening with us!  We can't wait until we can come visit you in Temple!

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  1. Awwww...this makes me teary eyed. You are such a great friend and I am SO blessed to have you in my life! I'll pray for Noah but I rest in the peace that God is always watching over him, especially in his sleep. Love you!