Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Road trip to Kansas with a pit stop in Stillwater!

I feel ashamed to say that Noah has never met his great grandmother Childs!  She is my dad's mother that lives in Kansas.  She has not been able to make the drive and I haven't made it to Kansas since his arrival!  My mother, father, and niece Maddi were making the trip during OSU homecoming weekend so we sold our tickets and decided to meet them at Grandma's house!  Seth was unable to go with me during this trip so I was a little nervous to travel with two small children.  Noah was out of his infant seat, so I was unsure how to handle bathroom breaks, etc.  Halle isn't old enough to hold him...and you get the point!  We decided to stop in Stillwater to break up the trip and also visit some of my very close friends from college!  My friend Marybeth recently moved back to Stillwater and invited Kristen and myself over with our children (not sure if she knew what she was getting in to!) =).  We enjoyed watching the kids play and met up with my childhood friend Suzanne and her two children to eat at chick-fil-a and enjoy an early walk-around to see the house decks!  We were very impressed by the house decks this year!  I missed Homecoming 2009 "Branded for Life" and the induction of Garth Brooks into the OSU alumni Hall of Fame, but I experienced seeing my grandmother meet her only great grandson for the very first time!!  I wouldn't trade that experience for anything!  She fell in love with him and had a very fun filled weekend playing with all of her great grandchildren!  I don't get very many chances to see her, but I plan to take advantage of every opportunity I can to visit her more often!  I want Halle and Noah to have a wonderful relationship with Great Grandma Childs!  She is a remarkable woman!
packing for great grandma's house!

 Marybeth and Colton

Kristen (and baby #3), Carver, and Bryson!

Noah, Halle, Colton, Bryson, and Carver
Suzanne (my friend since grade school) and Noah!

Halle, Madi, and Bryson enjoying Theta Pond.

Halle was trying to communicate with the ducks (by quacking)!

We had a wonderful day with our sweet friends in Stillwater, but still had a three hour drive ahead of us!
The kids were so worn out they slept the entire way to great grandma's house!

Great Grandma Childs and Noah, Halle, and Maddi- October 16th, 2009

Halle and Maddi started playing right away!  Halle pushed babies in strollers, and maddi pushed farm animals as they chased each other around and around and around the house!!

Poor Noah, stuck with all the girls' toys!  Even Grandma tried to play dolls with him!

Noah got to meet cousin Howard for the first time!

It was nice to have a weekend of just playing and spending time with family!  Halle and Maddi are only 9 months apart and always had a blast, whether it be playing doctor, house, watching the squirrels, eating great grandma's famous chocolate cake, or just cuddling with great grandma!

We love you Grandma!

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