Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trip to Piedmont Circus....where??!!

On October 6th, we took Halle and Noah to see the circus for the first time ever!!  And of all places we chose the Piedmont Circus!  It wasn't exactly what we were looking forward to.....okay actually the same people that performed ALL of the acts were the same people that sold the tickets, cotton candy, and souvineers.   It was a Big Top Circus with a huge tent (even if it is filled with holes-possibly to make it look like a starry night?!), small bleachers inside, along with hay everywhere so you don't miss that country feel!  All in all we had a pretty good time.   Our dear friends Tony and Melissa came with us along with their son Nathan.  Halle loved the circus and even wanted a picture with the clown!  If you know Halle, you know she is deathly afraid of anything that is in a costume...chucky cheese, pistol pete, the okc redhawk, and even the chick-fil-a cow mascot.  But she was NOT afraid of the clown!  This will be an experience we will never forget!

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