Monday, August 23, 2010

1st day of school!

Halle started pre-k at Piedmont Primary on August 19th!  She was so excited!!  Doesn't she look cute!!
She goes to her aunt's house every morning and her aunt Lala takes her to school at 11:50 and she gets out at 2:50.  They offer all day pre-k, but I think half day will be a good choice for her to kind of ease her into it.  Her aunt lives less than 5 miles from the school so it is very convenient for her to take her.  On her first day, however, I drove back home to take her to school.  I am so glad I did.  I was one of the calm mom's!  There was a family there video taping the entire thing, from their child placing their backpack on the hook, finding their name tag, and sitting on the rug.  I guess I'm a slacker because I just brought my cheap little camera with me and snapped only a few pictures.  Speaking of pictures, the one above is what she wore to her aunts house, her pj's!  I didn't want to send her in an outfit, just to spill her lunch all over it before school! sheesh!
Here is my baby girl on the way to her first day of pre-k!

Her cute little friend Morgan is on the left leaning over waiving to Halle.  I am so glad she has a friend in class and I hope she has an easy time making new friends!
When I picked her up from school I asked her how she liked her teacher and she said, "She's PERFECT!"  She also said, "mom, do you know how to spell red?  I do!  R-E-D! That's how you spell it!"  I am thankful that she has such a sweet teacher and I hope that Halle does well in class.

Ballet class started back after a long summer break and her second class landed on the first day of school!  This made for a long day since Halle didn't get a nap.  By the time we got home she was more than ready to go to sleep!  Halle's friend Remington enrolled in the same dance class so they will have a fun year together!  

Halle's other friend Peyton is also in the class (in between Remi and Halle)...I am looking forward to watching these girls dance!  Halle loves dance and it makes me so happy to see her happy!

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  1. Halle looks so beautiful and happy to be at school and dance! Can't believe this is the same tiny tot I watched when you first went back to work. Where did that baby go?!