Thursday, July 29, 2010

June Happenings

I am so behind on blogging!  I need some motivation to get back into it!  I will do a quick post to try to catch up.  In June, three of my close friends had babies all within the same week!  They all teach together at the same school and are very close!  One of those friends came over for a cookout and about 45 minutes after she left her water broke!
Here is Melissa about 2 hours before her water broke...we had no clue...and she wasn't even cramping!
Here is Melissa's 2 year old Nathan and Halle.
Noah and Nathan are about 10 months apart and their age gap is slowly closing!  They are starting to play with each other more and more!
And here is that sweet baby boy!!  Chase Ryan!

Halle wasn't very good at sharing cousin chase, but I wouldn't be either!  He's so cute!!  Uncle Tony was very good with Halle while she held baby chase!

Halle and Noah after we left the hospital...people watching!
I had to get a picture of my two favorite guys!
My best friend and old college roommate Ladonna and I bought tickets this past year to go see legally blonde, wizard of oz, cirque dreams illumination, and Rain.  We loved going so much that we bought season tickets for this coming up season!  We are very excited to get to see shrek and beauty and the beast along with the other ones scheduled!
Also in June I got to spend a whole day with some of my girls!  Although it was a boring interesting continuing education class...we still made the most of it!  Shanna and I went to undergrad and graduate school together!  She is a hoot and always fun to be around!  
Shanna and Julie used to work together in Hennessy and now Julie and I work together!  Shanna told me i'd love her and she was so right!  Julie and I carpool to work together almost every day!  She and I are pretty much inseparable!  She knows what I'm thinking before I say it and visa versa!  She has the sweetest spirit and I just love her!  I am blessed to work with her everyday and she is one of my favorite gals!  
Amanda also works for the company Shanna and I work for.  She and I became friends over the phone and talked frequently.  We just hit it off and didn't meet for over several months!  It's such a small world because her and shanna switched out positions in ada and Shanna actually lived in Amanda's rent house for a while!  God definitely puts people in our lives for a reason!  I just love these girls!  

 Halle, Noah, Jaxon (julie's son), and I spent an afternoon at the omniplex!  I have to say that I was a little bit disappointed because a lot of the exhibits were shut down!  They still thought it was amazing though!

The nail bed was a little scary!  Halle wouldn't even get close to it!

We had an awesome time!  I love this kid...(and his mother too), he plays so great with my kids and always looks out for baby Nono's!
Another thing that happened in June was Relay for Life.  My friend Linda (pictured below) was the co-chair of the Oklahoma City Chapter and was our team captain!  She worked so hard organizing fundraisers to help raise money for this cause!  

We had a great team (even though half didn't show up for the event). But here are the ones who did show up!  The event was at the bricktown ballpark and the theme was 'cruisin for a cause.'
my sweet friend Becca and I kept each other entertained the whole night!
Here is allison.  She is the bubbliest person I know.  She is really under 5 foot (sorry allison) but I think I'm squatting down here or something! =)
I tried to talk Ginger into staying all night...see how much fun she is! =)
Here is our campsite.  We sold iced coffee (and a lot of it!)  We also raffled off tickets for footballs signed by some famous OU people.  I bleed orange, so I really can't tell you their names!
I walked in memory of my grandfathers Richard Petford and Edwin Childs, both of whom died of cancer.  
"For HE shall give HIS angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways."  Psalms 91:11

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