Tuesday, May 4, 2010

15 month check up

Noah had his 15 month well check yesterday.  He wasn't really feeling well though.  The night before he woke up with a 102.7 fever.  I went ahead and took him in, but knew he wouldn't get his shots.  His ears and throat look perfect, no cough or congestion.  The only symptoms were severe fussiness and fever.  The doctor said if he could talk he would probably say he has a headache because that is what's going around.  Poor baby!  It wasn't the most pleasant trip, but we made it through.  I just love our doctor.  He is so great with our children and always spends more than enough time with us at each visit!
He wanted to know how many words Noah is saying now.  Hmmm....you would think as a speech pathologist I would know this.  Well, I don't....I started thinking about it on the way home and here is what I can remember him saying (for my own record): Boo (for booze or any dog...they are all named Booze, right?!), Ba (bath), Ba (ball), mama, dada, bubba, nana (for nana and banana), papa, dak dak (duck or quack), kaka (cracker or any food that resembles a cracker), ama (gramma), mi (milk), my (mine), mo (more), eye (while pointing to his eye or jabbing at mine).  I'm anxious to get rid of his "bb" so we can actually understand what comes out of his mouth.
Noah can point to his eye, nose (although he would rather grab at mine), sticks out his tongue when asked where his tongue is, opens his mouth when asked where his teeth are.  He likes to try to brush his own hair and brush his teeth.  He still loves playing with his plastic golf club, bat, or hammer and especially loves to chase the dogs around and hit them.
He loves to run and kick the soccer ball, swing the bat and do a dance when he hits the ball (or daddy hits the bat with the ball!).  He likes to sneak into the laundry room and play in the dog water..yuck!  Noah loves bath time although he doesn't love getting out of the bath.  We rock him to sleep and have since our vacation, which kind of got him off schedule.  I am okay with that, I love cuddling with him!  Noah is such a sweet baby.  He loves to give hugs and kisses.  When he does hit the dogs or sister he is quick to hug and make up!  I love my little guy and enjoy watching his little personality develop.    He is 31 1/2 inches tall which falls around the 25th% and 22lbs 4oz which is around the 10th%.  We go back next Friday to get his shots and hopefully he'll be feeling much better!

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  1. I hope he feels better soon! I have had the screaming headache this week.

    Isn't it funny with the second child how you don't pay attention to all their little milestones like you did the first with the first child. At least you have this blog to remember all his first words now. :)