Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Update on Noah

We finally heard back from Dr. M, Noah's pediatric GI doctor yesterday.  Click here to read about that appointment on March 9th.  He finally convinced the doctors that read the ph study and sleep study (that post is here) to correlate the results to determine whether the apnea was related to reflux or something else.  He told me that one of the complete airway obstructions was related to a ph lower than 4 and three of the other apneas was related to a ph under 4.  Dr. M isn't sure what is causing the other events.  He stated he was going to discuss taking Noah off the monitor with our pediatrician because Noah is getting bigger and it's a lot easier to get tangled in the cords.  I asked him if he thought it was safe to take him off the monitor and his reply word for word was, "I can't tell you if your going to get in a car wreck tomorrow."  I really thought that was inappropriate and I think that my question was a legitimate question.  His response didn't exactly give me a safe feeling about it!  I know that he specializes in GI issues and couldn't explain the other events and could only discuss the results related to reflux.  His recommendations were to continue with the prevacid twice daily and continue the monitor until I speak with Dr. V.  I heard from Dr. V's nurse today and she said that he is not ready to take Noah off the monitor yet.  Since speaking with Dr. M., he has been trying to decide whether to send Noah to see the ENT, pulmonologist, or neurologist.  He decided to schedule Noah to see a pediatric pulmonologist and to have a barium swallow study.  These will probably be done in about two weeks.  So keep little Noah in your prayers and pray for wisdom for these doctors.  Home health came out today to download the information from his monitor so we should get those results in a few days.  We are expecting to receive good news!  I would love to see a perfect reading!  Noah is also experiencing a side effect from the prevacid, sweating.  Not just typical sweating, but when he sleeps he is often drenched with sweat.  I picked him up from his nap the other day and when Seth walked in the door he asked if he had a bath.  We are praying that this stops.  Other than these issues, Noah is such a happy, active, fun little boy!  He is 14 months and already teases his sister and the dogs.  He has decided he doesn't want to have anything to do with sign language now and would rather scream and point.  (nice)  He  loves any kind of ball and loves to throw and kick.  He has been eating more and more lately!  His favorites are chicken nuggets, cheese, and quesadillas.  He is into everything so we have to watch him like crazy! He will sit in a swing outside for hours if he could.  When he is swinging, he is just so peaceful.  He doesn't make a sound and you can just see how relaxed he is.  I love it!  I love him!


  1. Hoping for a perfect monitor read, OR MAYBE even much improved from the last one. Noah sure has grown a lot. Why haven't I seen him lately??? Hopefully, you will need some new pics soon! :)

  2. Praying for Noah and for his super sweet mommy!